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Guide to conveyancing

The Conveyancing process can be broken down into 3 main stages.

You can use the following as a check list to assist you keep track of your progress:

Stage A: Before exchange of contracts
Stage B: Exchange of contracts
Stage C: Completion

Stage A: Before exchange of contracts

Seller's conveyancer

  • Asks you to complete information forms
  • Obtains your title deeds and sends out contract with legal information
  • Answers additional enquiries (if any)
  • Asks you to sign contract and agree a completion date
Buyer's conveyancer
  • Requests clients instructions and money on account of expenses
  • Receives contract, copy deeds, plan and information from seller's conveyancer and asks additional enquiries if necessary
  • Sends local authority and any other relevant searches
  • Receives mortgage offer from lender
  • Reports to you on information and sends contract for signature, requests deposit (or uses deposit from sale-if any), agrees completion date with sellers conveyancer and confirms ready to exchange contracts
Stage B: Exchange of contracts

Seller's conveyancer
  • Receives buyer's deposit and signed contract from buyer's conveyancer
  • Obtains redemption (settlement) figure for your mortgage
  • Approves Transfer deed and arranges for you to sign it before completion date
Buyer's conveyancer
  • Sends signed contract and deposit to seller's conveyancer
  • Prepares transfer deed and mortgage deed and sends them to you to sign
  • Carries out final searches
  • Prepares final accounts and requests any monies payable by you before the completion date
Stage C: Completion

Seller's conveyancer
  • Receives balance of sale monies and notifies seller and estate agent
  • Pays off outstanding mortgage
  • Forwards Deeds and Transfer document to buyer's conveyancer
  • Sends balance to you or puts towards purchase (if any)
Buyer's conveyancer
  • Sends balance of money to seller's conveyancer
  • Pays stamp duty (if applicable)
  • Deals with all registration requirements at H.M.Land Registry
  • Sends deeds to bank or building Society (if any)

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